Psychic Gallery

When you are not sure what's ahead don't drown yourself in worries let God speak to you through me so you can walk on water. For a better tomorrow Call Now!
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Advice today for a brighter future,
Sessions run from 45 minutes to one hour and the shop is closed during spiritual readings so that you can receive my full attention.

  1. Candles
    7 day Candles for Love and Health as well as peace and happiness and more...
  2. Crystals, Gems & Stones
    Crystals, Gems & Stones
    These charms have been in the sun for 24 hours, you are getting the energy and force of the sun.
  3. Oils
    Love, Healing, Strength, Wealth, Peace, Happiness, Joy and more...
  4. Intuition Books
    Intuition Books
    Many books and pamphlets on everything from Warding to Blessing, Spiritual guidance, Dream interpretation, Meditation and more...
  5. Incense
    I have a variety of incense from sticks to cones as well as powders and herbs such as Sage, Frankincense Tears, Frankincense Myrrh also my special Myrrh Lumps and my Rare House Blessing - spiritual Incense. Come in to see more at my gallery