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My name is Polly, and I have been a psychic reader for over 28 years. For the best possible experience at my Psychic Gallery in Hobart, IN, come in with an open mind. I am not God but I am his instrument; he allows me to use my voice in order to speak to you. I can tell you about the past, present, and future, answer any of your questions, and provide you with spiritual advice and psychic healing. I respect everybody’s religion, so you can feel comfortable asking me just about anything. I will help you find any items you might need as a gift or for personal use, such as ritual objects, incense, and beautiful handmade jewelry. Call Psychic Gallery to ask about the shop or to learn more about my career as a psychic reader.

over 28 years of experience

Established in 2002

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Call me anytime for more information 219-947-8185.

As a psychic reader, my life’s goal is to help others with my healing techniques. I take pride in it and look forward to coming in to work every single day. Every time someone walks in, I feel happy knowing that I'm available for someone in the flesh and for God in the spirit. When a person walks in or calls Psychic Gallery, I truly take the time to help them. Whether I am performing a reading or assisting someone with a purchase, I receive a lot of kind feedback and thanks. Don’t thank me, thank the Lord. Call today for a Vibration Reading or an Astrology service, or visit the psychic gift shop.



"I had an amazing reading. She was able to give me the advice I needed. The reading was accurate and to the point. She was able to answer all my questions, and while I was there I also purchased candles, incense, and crystals in the gift shop which was very affordable."
by Anna on 01/23/2015

My experience at Psychic Gallery in Hobart, IN

"This was the most insightful and life changing experience in my life. She was so pleasant and kind. She helped me to see things that helped me to make the right decisions, and she also helped me to understand why some of the things in my past happened. I really enjoyed my visit to Psychic Gallery and I am now a full time customer."
by marc57 on 09/14/2012

Call me via 219-947-8185 or visit 515 E 3rd street@, Hobart, IN 46342 for a reading